jai Bhim....: Hearty Congratulations to all ..BSNL CO,ND Issued SDE (T)to AGM/DE(T) promotion orders ..

Do You Know the Pain of SEWA?

Jai Bhim!

Namo Bhuddhay!!

SC/ST Candidates are taken from List No 8 to cover the Roster points. But the fact is that, not a Single person from SC/ST Communities was included from List No 8 at the time of uploading Promotion list. Very sincerely and honestly, we would like to tell you all, not a Single Association, working for Executives, came forward for the constitutional rights of SC and STs in the Context of SDE to DE Promotion. Instead, they put all the efforts to stop our Reservation rights.  It was done when our SEWA CHQ Team & Members Vigorously Opposed to upload the List without inclusion of SC/ST Executives as per the existing Orders of Honb’le Supreme court of India dated 17-5-2018 and 5-6-2018  and DOPT instructions dated (10.10.2010) 15-6-2018  on Rule of Reservation and own merit concept.

Only thereafter, they started the work for List No-8 to include in the list .However, due to non-availability of complete Data of most of our Executives (VC & Assessment Sheet), Promotion Orders could be issued only 129 Executives from List No 8.

You are also aware that in the JTO to SDE Promotion under LDCE Quota, they issued Orders for 103 Executives only because of Strong objection and Protest SEWA. Again, they skipped 216 ST & 58 SC under SCF quota from JTO to SDE, citing Honb’le CAT Ernakulum judgement. As soon as seniority is decided by following 1:1 rules for PR DR, We will definitely arrange to issue Promotion Orders for remaining SC/STs on top most priority. This is the 3rd time, management in collusion with Communal Minded Executive Associations tried to cheat our Executives.

Today, we will take sincere efforts to rectify all the problems and to issue Promotion Orders for remaining SC/ST vacancies.

With regards

P  N Perumal NP

N D Ram GS

R.Maheswara Rao AGS (South)

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Issue In Focous
  • Implementation of Role of Reservations in Promotions.
  • Implementations of 3 rd PRC in BSNL.
  • Implementation of 30% Superannuation Benefit to all BR’s.
  • Filling of all SC/ST backlog posts.
  • Implementation of CPSU Hierarchy with Reservation to all SC/ST candidates.
  • Uniform First Time Bound promotion in 4 years.
  • Finalization 

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The SEWA BSNL wish to remind our members that all our constitutionally guaranteed provisions are not implemented fully as the BSNL management is against it. Hence it is our prime duty to act wisely and see to it that these provisions are implemented without any diversions or lapses. No private body or judicial body has the right to violate the constitutional amendments. At times, such amendments are violated through sly means and thereby we are deprived of our rights. So we should be vigilant always to spot out such violations and fight against them and enjoy our rights.

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